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View Scheduled Webinars

The My Webinars feature enables organizers to view any existing scheduled webinars.

To view scheduled webinars

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. In the left navigation, select My Webinars. The My Webinars page will load with a list of scheduled webinars.
  3. To return to the My Webinars page from another page, select My Webinars in the left navigation.
  • Edit webinar description, registration form and session settings. (a)
  • Expand and collapse webinar information. (b)
  • Edit session date/time. (c)
  • View and download Registration Report.(d)
  • Approve/deny registrants when using Upon Approval. (e)
  • Practice the webinar. (f)*
  • Start the webinar. (g)

* Mac users do not have the Practice Webinar button on the My Webinars page.

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