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Create Your Organizer Account - Corporate Plan

GoToMeeting corporate plan users are invited as organizers by their company administrator; this must be done before you can create your organizer account. In addition, before you are able to schedule or start a webinar, your GoToMeeting corporate administrator must enable you to host webinars.

To create your account

  1. Go to your email application and open the GoToMeeting Care invitation email you received from your administrator entitled "Set Up GoToMeeting Corporate with GoToWebinar."
  2. In the email, click the activation link to create your organizer account.
  3. On the Create Organizer Account page, enter your information and click Create Account.
  4. On the Install GoToMeeting Software page, click Install Our Software.
  5. If prompted, click Yes, Grant or Trust to accept the install.
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