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Useful GoToWebinar Terms

Review a list of commonly used GoToWebinar terms.

  • Attendee: An attendee is any person who joins a webinar with no pre-specified role. Attendees have very limited privileges.
  • Control Panel: The Control Panel gives organizers, panelists and attendees access to various in-session webinar functions.
  • GoToMeeting Suite Icon: The GoToMeeting daisy icon enables Mac users to access organizer features of both GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. To access organizer features, double-click the GoToMeeting daisy icon on your desktop.
  • GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar System Tray Icon: The daisy icon in the system tray is used by Windows users to access organizer features of GoToMeeting corporate/GoToWebinar and to provide status of GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar service. To access organizer features, right-click the daisy icon.

  • Hallway: The Hallway is a dialog box that attendees see either during a Practice Session or before an organizer has started a live webinar. Once the webinar goes live, the Hallway dialog box disappears and attendees see the Waiting Room.
  • In-Session: Time frame when tasks are done during a webinar.
  • Interest Rating: The Interest Rating is a statistic that allows organizers to benchmark and qualify attendee interest in a webinar. Interest Ratings are computed from a proprietary algorithm that evaluates each webinar attendee's interactions on a scale of 1 to 100 (100 being best). Factors that contribute to the Interest Rating include, but are not limited to, attendance length, attentiveness during the session, number of questions asked and an attendee's successful completion of polls, surveys and registration.
  • No-Show: A No-Show is someone who registers for but does not attend the live webinar.
  • Organizer: An organizer is the person who schedules and starts a webinar. There can be more than 1 organizer. On GoToMeeting corporate plans, all organizers specified before a webinar have equal rights to view, create and modify the pre- or post-webinar information on the website. Panelists and attendees can be promoted to organizers during a session but will not have post-webinar organizer privileges.
  • Panelist: A panelist is a guest who will be presenting (guest speaker) or answering questions (subject-matter expert) forwarded to him/her during a webinar. A panelist can be promoted to presenter at any time during the webinar. An attendee can be promoted to a panelist.
  • Post-Webinar: Time frame after the webinar ends when tasks are done on the GoToWebinar website, such as reporting, archiving a recording or sending out a follow-up email. Only organizers have tasks post-webinar.
  • Practice Session: The Practice Session allows organizers to practice their webinar before going live. Only organizers and panelists who have been invited to attend the event can join a Practice Session.
  • Presenter: A presenter is the person showing his or her desktop. The current presenter can then pass this role to another organizer or panelist.
  • Pre-Webinar: Time frame before the webinar begins when tasks are done on the GoToWebinar website, such as scheduling a webinar, monitoring the registration count or creating in-session polls and surveys. Only organizers have tasks pre-webinar.
  • Registrant: A registrant is any person who has registered for a webinar.
  • Viewer: The Viewer is the window that appears on the attendee's computer displaying the presenter's desktop or shared application.
  • Waiting Room: The Waiting Room screen displays in the Viewer any time attendees wait for a presenter to begin showing his or her screen.
  • Webinar Invitation: After scheduling a webinar, the Webinar Invitation is the email that the organizer forwards to prospective attendees to invite them to register for the webinar.
  • Webinar Confirmation: The webinar confirmation email provides the webinar information and a unique Join Webinar link. It is sent to registered attendees and to any panelists and organizers (for corporate plans) who have been invited.
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