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Citrix® GoToWebinar® is a revolutionary and unique webinar solution that makes it easier to plan, present and profit from web-based events.

GoToWebinar is a managed online event service that makes communication with employees, partners, customers and prospects easier and more efficient than any online event product available today. GoToWebinar users can provide presentations, perform product demonstrations and provide online training to anyone, anywhere. GoToWebinar's rapid product download, innovative planning tools, intuitive user interface and robust reporting functionality gets webinar organizers and attendees up and running in a matter of seconds. Other products are difficult to use, require extensive training and take days - even weeks - to set up a single online event. GoToWebinar eliminates unnecessary confusion surrounding webinar setup and delivery, and users will appreciate GoToWebinar's original, yet extremely effective, approach to online events.

From start to end, GoToWebinar is an innovative and user-friendly way to improve business productivity. GoToWebinar's ease-of-use, reliability and high availability create a flawless webinar experience for each participant every time it's used. GoToWebinar makes it unbelievably simple to set up or join online events through a variety of user options. Individuals residing anywhere can instantly join a webinar with 1-click access, eliminating complex log-in screens so you can achieve higher attendance rates. GoToWebinar results in substantially greater increases in user productivity than does other products because GoToWebinar makes it more efficient for sales, marketing and training users to have webinars more frequently.

GoToWebinar is the most robust online event service available. Not only does GoToWebinar have all the necessary features needed for effective and successful sales, marketing and training events, but also it remains the easiest and most cost-effective solution on the market.

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