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Evaluation for Attendees

Evaluations allow you to collect feedback after a training session. You can view evaluation results in the Evaluation Report once the training session has ended and attendees have completed the evaluation.

Create an evaluation

1. Click My Trainings in the left navigation.

2. On the My Trainings page, choose the training session for which you want to create an evaluation.

3. From the Manage Training page, scroll to the Evaluation for Attendees section, and click Edit.

4. On the Manage Evaluation page, click Create New Evaluation.

5. Enter an Evaluation Name; it will be stored in your Library for future use.

6. You can also add customized Evaluation Instructions (with a maximum of 2,040 characters) that will appear at the top of attendee evaluations.

7. In the Question field, type your question.

8. Select an Answer Type from the drop-down menu:

a. Choice - Single Answer: Attendees can only select 1 answer.

b. Choice - Multiple Answers: Attendees can select more than 1 answer.

c. Choice - Rating Scale 1 to 5: Attendees can answer based on a rating scale.

d. Open Ended - Short Phrase: Attendees can type a short answer.

e. Open Ended - Comment Box: Attendees can type a short comment.

9. For single and multiple answer types, you can enter up to 8 answers.

9. Click Add Another Question or click Save when finished.

10. On the Manage Evaluation page, you can choose when to give the evaluation to attendees. You can check "After training session" or "In Follow-up email."

a. Check "After training session" if you want your attendees to complete the evaluation once the training session ends.

b. Check "In Follow-up email" if you want your attendees to complete the evaluation when they receive a follow-up email.

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