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The Attendee Toolbar - Mac Users

The Attendee toolbar allows GoToMeeting attendees to easily access and manage their GoToMeeting settings.

GoToMeeting Menu

The GoToMeeting menu allows attendees to manage their Preferences and exit GoToMeeting.

File Menu

The File menu allows attendees to edit how their names and email addresses are displayed to other attendees, save the meeting chat logs as .HTML files and leave meetings.

View Menu

The View menu enables attendees to select how to display the Viewer window on their desktops.

Audio Menu

The Audio menu provides attendees another option for managing their audio settings. They can mute themselves, switch between telephone and VoIP (if enabled) and select their audio input and output.

Help Menu

The Help menu provides access to the online GoToMeeting Help file and to GoToMeeting software version information. There is also an option to leave feedback on the audio quality.

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