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Attendee Control Panel Menu Bar - Windows Users

The Attendee Control Panel menu bar provides access to various application tools not specifically related to attending a meeting. Menu options include File, View, Tools and Help.

File Menu

The File menu allows Windows-based attendees to edit how their names and email addresses are displayed to other attendees, save the meeting chat logs as .RTF files, manage their preferences and exit meetings. From the Preferences menu, attendees can allow or forbid bubble messages to appear when another attendee chats or when GoToMeeting notifies them of system-related actions such as attendees joining or leaving a meeting.

View Menu

The View menu enables attendees to select how to display the Viewer window on their desktops and how the Control Panel behaves when not in use.  Attendees can also save a customized layout or return to the Control Panel to the default layout.

Help Menu

The Help menu provides access to the online GoToMeeting Help file and to GoToMeeting software version information. There is also an option to leave feedback on the audio quality.

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