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Install GoToMeeting Codec

The GoToMeeting codec allows you to watch recorded meetings using Windows Media Player 9 or higher without subscribing to GoToMeeting. By using the GoToMeeting codec, attendees can view recordings of meetings in the GoToMeeting format.

To install the GoToMeeting codec:

1. Go to the Install GoToMeeting Codec page.

2. Click the Install GoToMeeting Codec button.

3. When prompted, click Save.

Note: Mac users cannot view recorded meetings in the GoToMeeting codec format and should download the Windows Media Components to view recorded meetings.

To uninstall the GoToMeeting codec:

1. Go to your Window's Start menu.

2. Click Control Panel.

3. Select Programs and Features.

4. Find GoToMeeting from the list and right click the title and click Uninstall.

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