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Meeting recording allows an organizer to record all screen activity that is presented in the GoToMeeting Viewer Window, including desktop and application sharing of other attendees presenting during the meeting.

Notes on Recording and Playing a Meeting

Note: Although you can record screen sharing and audio, you cannot record webcams at this time.

See the System Requirements section of this guide for requirements to record a meeting.

Before recording a meeting, an organizer must set recording preferences, including selecting the audio format and recording media format (either GoToMeeting format or Windows Media Player format on a Windows, and .MP4 format on a Mac). If the Windows Media Player format is selected, GoToMeeting will begin an automatic conversion process immediately after a meeting has ended. Allow time for the conversion to take place. The time needed is dependent upon video content, CPU speed and amount of memory available.

To record the audio portion of your session, an organizer must have a sound card installed on his or her computer. To record using the GoToMeeting integrated audio feature, an organizer can use the telephone or a microphone connected to his or her computer. To record using the organizer's private audio service, an organizer must have a phone patch connected to both the phone and the "mic in" port of his or her computer.  

Only 1 recording file is created per meeting. This means that if an organizer clicks Record to start the recording, then stops the recording and subsequently restarts the recording during the course of one meeting, GoToMeeting will continue recording to 1 meeting recording file.

The default destination location to save a recording defaults to the My Documents folder. An organizer can change the destination location but only before beginning recording. It is recommended that the designated location has a minimum of 1GB of free space on Windows and 5GB on Macs in order to accommodate the recording. For optimum recording performance and in-session experience, it is recommended that you select a location on your local hard drive.

Note: We recommend having 2 organizers record the session in case 1 organizer encounters any issues that may potentially disrupt the recording.

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