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Organizer Audio

GoToMeeting integrated audio allows you to manage audio options before and during your meetings. If you wish to change your own connection or your attendees' audio connection during a meeting, you can do so from the Audio pane of your Control Panel. For more information about audio options, please see GoToMeeting Integrated Audio.

Starting the Meeting

VoIP and Telephone: If you have selected to use VoIP and Telephone for your meeting, you will see the options Telephone and Mic & Speakers in the Audio pane. The default mode is Telephone; however, GoToMeeting will remember your selection for your next meeting.

Telephone: If you selected Telephone only for your meeting, you must join the audio portion by dialing the conference number and entering the access code and Audio PIN noted in the Control Panel.

To switch audio formats during a meeting

If you are using the GoToMeeting Conference Call Service during a meeting, you can switch between using Mic & Speakers or Telephone. In the Audio pane at Audio Mode, click either Telephone or Mic & Speakers.

To edit audio services for your attendees

If you would like to provide your attendees different conference call options during a meeting, you may do so by clicking the Edit button in your Audio pane, then clicking Edit Audio Mode.

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