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GoToAssist App for iOS

The GoToAssist (Remote Support) app provides a streamlined version of Remote Support, which allows you to provide unlimited attended and unattended support sessions from your iOS device. Technicians can use the GoToAssist (Remote Support) app to host support sessions with the following customers:

  • Windows customers running Windows XP or later or Windows Server 2003 or later
  • Mac customers running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later
  • Android customers 2.3.3 OS (Gingerbread) or later (see system requirements for more information)

Note: It is not possible to support iOS customers from the GoToAssist (Remote Support) apps for iOS or Android or the GoToAssist Expert desktop application. Please use customer-initiated support for chat-only support sessions with iOS customers.

Topics in this article:

Install and log in to the app

Start an attended support session from the app

Start an unattended support session from the app

Use session features

Install and log in to the app

Note: See the app system requirements here.

1. Open the App Store app on your iOS device.

2. Search for "GoToAssist (Remote Support)" and open the app.

3. Tap the Download icon to install the app. Enter your iTunes credentials if prompted.

4. Open the app, enter your GoToAssist credentials (i.e., email address and password) and tap Log In.

Start an attended support session from the app

1. Tap the Tap to start a support session button.

2. A new support key appears on the Invite Customer screen. Send it to the customer by tapping Email Support Info.

Note: You must have the Mail app set up to automatically create an email.

3. Invite your customer to join the support session as follows:

  • Direct Windows, Mac or iOS customers to tap the support URL in the Invitation email to be directly launched into session, or go to and enter the support key.
  • Direct Android customers to download the GoToAssist (Customer) app and enter the support key.

4. Once the customer joins the support session, you will immediately see their screen.

Start an unattended support session from the app

1. Tap the Unattended icon in the toolbar.

2. Tap the desired unattended support computer to select it.

3. Tap Connect on the Computer Details screen.

Use session features

Using the app's toolbar, technicians can support customers using the following features:

  • Stop and re-start screen sharing with the customer's computer by tapping the Screen icon .
  • Log notes about the session by tapping the Note icon .
  • Chat with the customer by tapping the Chat icon .
  • Retrieve diagnostic reports about the customer's computer (and email them) by tapping the Diagnostics icon .
  • View and modify unattended support computers by tapping the Unattended icon .
  • Send the "Ctrl-Alt-Del" command to the customer's computer by tapping the Tools icon .
  • Reboot / Reboot in Safe Mode – Reboot the customer's computer without disconnecting the session by tapping the Tools icon .
  • Upgrade the GoToAssist Customer desktop application to run as a Windows service (rather than the “non-service” application) to access more features by tapping the Tools icon .
  • Set up unattended support on a customer’s computer while in an attended support session by tapping the Tools icon (Windows only).

Note: The GoToAssist Customer desktop application must be running as a service to use this feature.

  • Put the app into Background mode and stay in the session for up to 3 minutes.
  • Invite other technicians to join sessions by tapping the Tools icon .
  • Adjust performance settings for better speed or appearance (based on your connectivity) by tapping the Settings icon .
  • Record support sessions for later viewing and download.
  • End support sessions by tapping the End icon .
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