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Representative Chat Box Overview

Chat boxes automatically launch on your desktop as well as the customer’s desktop when the connection process begins. Your Chat box is titled GoToAssist - Chat. In most cases, the Viewer window launches immediately following the launch of the Chat boxes. Depending on configuration, your Chat box may automatically minimize once Screen Sharing starts.

There are several components of the representative Chat box. Each is shown below:

  • Menu Bar: Gives you access to various menu tools and commands (a)
  • Tabbed Interface: Enables you to easily manage multiple sessions (b)
  • Customer Information Field: Displays the customer's name and the nature of the inquiry (c)
  • Chat Display Field: Displays the entire Chat dialog, as well as all pushed web pages, file transfers and other actions between you and your customer. (d)
  • Message-Entry Box: Lets you type and submit messages to the customer or to another representative. Any spelling errors will automatically appear in red. Right click any misspelled words to see the correct spelling. (e)
  • Toolbar: Displays buttons for common tasks (f)
  • Display/Hide Details: Displays or hides the Details, Attendees and Notes fields when clicked. (g)
  • Session Details: Provides details about the current session, including language, operating system and start time (h)
  • Attendee List: Lists all of the people that are part of the session (i)
  • Notes: Allows you to type notes about the session that are not visible to the customer. (i)
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