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Viewer Window Overview

The Viewer window is the window in which the shared desktop appears. The Viewer window can be minimized, resized and moved just like any other application window. If you hold multiple sessions simultaneously, the Viewer windows can be detached and rearranged.

Shared Mouse and Keyboard Control

In most configurations, when Screen Sharing begins the Viewer allows you to immediately begin sharing control of the customer’s mouse and keyboard just as if you were sitting at the customer’s computer.

Designating View-Only or Shared Control

Depending upon configuration, when Local and/or Remote Screen Sharing begins, the authorization dialog prompts the level of sharing that can occur.

Viewer Keyboard Shortcuts

Some of the Viewer tools can be mapped to function keys on your keyboard.



Changes focus to or from your ChatLink window



Toggles in and out of Draw mode



Erases drawings

Note: For keyboard shortcuts to work they must first be enabled in Viewer Preferences. Enabling shortcuts also maps the keyboard arrow keys and number pad to the Viewer window for scrolling the desktop image.

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