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End a Session

To end the support session, you need to close the Chat box.

To end the session with the customer

1. Ensure that you have returned the customer’s desktop to its original state.

2. Click the windows close button in the upper-right corner of the Chat box ().

- or -

Click Session in the Viewer window or the Chat window, then select Close Session from the Chat box menu bar.

3. Select the resolution state of the session with the customer, if you are prompted to do so (depending on the configuration):

    • Resolved session: You feel that you were able to solve the customer’s query.
    • Unresolved session: You do not feel that you were able to solve the customer’s query.
    • Unknown: You are not sure whether or not you were able to assist the customer.

4. Enter any additional information in the End Session box, such as ticket number or case ID.

5. Click OK to submit the resolution status.

Note: Please follow your organization’s guidelines for ending a session prior to closing the Chat connection.

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