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End a Support Session

3. Get Feedback

Step 1: End a Support Session

Both you and the customer can end a support session in any of the following ways.

Topics in this article:

End a session (representative)

End a session (customer)

End a session (representative)

1. Click Session in the menu.

2. Select one of the following options:

  • Leave Session – Leave only that session; if other representatives remain in session, the customer will remain connected.
  • Close Session – End only that session; the session will completely end and the customer will be disconnected, even if other representatives were in the session.
  • Exit All Sessions – Completely end all sessions and disconnect all customers.

Step 2: Provide Session Feedback

When the session ends, you will be prompted to fill out a feedback survey.

End a session (customer)

1. Customers can go to File > Exit or click the Close button in the top-right of the Chat box .

2. Screen sharing will pause and a "Confirm Exit" message will appear. Customers can click Yes to exit, or No to resume screen sharing.