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Set Shared Clipboard Preferences

Select what happens when clipboard data is received (i.e., you copy text from your computer or the customer's computer).

Note:  At this time, this feature is only supported for Windows customers.

  1. Click the Preferences icon in the HelpAlert toolbar and select Shared Clipboard.
  2. Select the desired action, as follows:
    • Use standard clipboard copy/paste actions (Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V) – When you use the Copy shortcut (Ctrl-C) while in a support session, the content copied to your clipboard (including text and images) is also copied to the customer's clipboard (and vice versa).

    • Use custom clipboard actions – Copy
      • Ask me if I want to copy the data to my local clipboard

      • Automatically copy the data to my local clipboard

      • Reject it automatically

  3. Click OK when finished.