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Change the Display Language

You can set your default language for how you view the GoToWebinar website from the My Account page. After you've chosen your preferred primary language, you can view the GoToWebinar website in that language. You can also choose your preferred language while you're in-session – whatever language your operating system is set to is the default language for your in-session experience, but you can change that at any time from your Windows computer.

Topics in this article:

Change your web account's default language

Change the display language while in session

Change your web account's default language

This setting will change the default language that your web account is displayed in, as well as the default language for the desktop app and Instant Join app.

1. Log in to your My Account page at

2. Under "Personal Info", click Edit.

4. Use the Primary Language drop-down menu to select your default language.

5. Click Save Changes when finished.

Change the display language while in session

You can also change the display language while you are in an active session.

  • While using the desktop app:
    Click the Globe icon in the top navigation, then select the desired language.



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