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Share a Whiteboard (Windows)

Sightboard uses your HD webcam (and a little magic!) to broadcast an image of your whiteboard to attendees and share your updates in real time, allowing them to collaborate as if they were standing right in front of it. Sightboard can even see behind you as you write on the board and will automatically save snap shots documenting each change you make.

Note: This feature is for Windows organizers and Presenters only. Sightboard on Windows is currently a Labs feature. Mac organizers who wish to use this feature should see Share a Whiteboard (Mac).

The features that are available on your account may vary depending on your subscription plan.

Topics in this article:

Enable Sightboard (Labs)

Start a session with Sightboard

Share your whiteboard

Stop sharing your whiteboard

Save your whiteboard snap shots

Give feedback about Sightboard

Enable Sightboard (Labs)

In order to use Sightboard, GoToTraining will use a special Labs version of the desktop app to launch your session. To get started, you must first enable Sightboard.

1. Log in at

2. Click Labs in the left navigation.

3. Under Sightboard, click Try it. When prompted, click Agree to agree to the Labs terms of use.

4. GoToTraining will automatically create a new recurring session under My Trainings called "Labs with Sightboard." You can modify the training as needed, change the date(s) and invite others; each time you want to start a session with Sightboard, you will need to use this particular training.

Start a session with Sightboard

1. Once Sightboard has been enabled, you can start a session in either of the following ways:

  • Click Start next to the Sightboard meeting on the My Trainings page.

  • Click Labs in the left navigation and click Start this Training.

2. You will automatically be launched into session using the special Labs build of the desktop app. See Share your whiteboard for next steps.

Share your whiteboard

Note: For best results, ensure that your webcam is positioned as close to the whiteboard and centered as possible. Also ensure that the lighting is bright enough for the webcam to capture your whiteboard.

1. While in a Sightboard session, click Share a Whiteboard in the Labs - Sightboard pane. Your webcam will immediately begin broadcasting to attendees.

2. The Viewer will launch and use your webcam to automatically search for your whiteboard, then display an orange box to suggest the portion of your webcam that it believes is the whiteboard.

3. Use your mouse to drag the blue corners of the box around the screen and align them with the corners of your whiteboard. Once you are satisfied that the orange box represents the area that you want to share with attendees, click Yes, share this.

4. In order to be able to "see" behind you as you write on the board, Sightboard will need a few seconds to focus on it. Click Start countdown to continue, then stand clear of the whiteboard to allow Sightboard a clear view.

5. You're all set! Start drawing on your whiteboard, and Sightboard will automatically broadcast and record all of your changes. You can also click Resize Whiteboard in the Labs - Sightboard pane of the Control Panel to readjust the portion of your screen being shown at any time.

Stop sharing your whiteboard

1. First click the Resize Whiteboard button in the Labs - Sightboard pane of the Control Panel.

2. Then click theCancel button in the Labs - Sightboard pane. You will then be prompted to save your snapshots.

Save your whiteboard snap shots

1. Once you stop sharing your whiteboard or end the session, you will be prompted to save the snap shots that were automatically captured during the session. You can scroll through the snapshots in the Choose Snapshots window and click the Check icon to deselect any that you do not wish to keep.

2. Click Save to continue.

3. Choose the location to which you want to save the Snapshots, then click Save.

4. You will see a confirmation message that your snap shots were successfully saved. You can open the new PDF file to view your snap shots and send it to attendees.

Give feedback about Sightboard

1. Launch your Sightboard session.

2. Click Give Feedback in the Labs - Sightboard pane.

3. A new web browser page will open and direct you to Feedback survey. Fill it out and submit your thoughts!



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