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Share a Video (Labs)

Video sharing is a Labs feature that allows you to stream videos (.wmv, .asf, .avi, and .mp4 files) and their accompanying audio in real time during a session.

Note: While streaming videos, shared webcams and the shared screen will be temporarily disabled to free up bandwidth. Instant Join and Android attendees will only hear the audio.

Start video sharing

1. Go to File > Labs > Video Sharing. When prompted by the "terms of use" for Labs, click Agree to continue.

2. A new Share a Video button will appear in the Webcam and Video pane. Ensure that you are sharing your screen and are unmuted, then click Share a Video to begin.

1. Select the desired video file (WMV, ASF, AVI or MP4), then click Open.

2. The Video Sharing pane will display an embedded video player, and the video will automatically begin broadcasting to all attendees. Click the Pause button to pause the shared video, and click the Stop button to completely stop video sharing.

Note: Shared webcams and the presenter's shared screen will all be temporarily disabled during video sharing in order to free up bandwidth.

Organizer view:

Attendee view:



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