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Cancel Your Account

Your plan is set to auto-renew, but you can cancel the next payment at any time. And don't worry – if you change your mind, you can renew your account at any time!

Please note that if you signed up for a Free Trial without any billing information, your account will simply expire at the end of the trial period unless you choose to subscribe after your trial ends. There is no need to cancel your account.

Note: The steps below can only be completed by the billing contact of an online account. If you are not the billing contact of your account, then you will need to contact them in order to make changes. In addition, if you are the billing contact of an offline account then you will need to contact a LogMeIn representative to make changes to your plan. Please see Why can't I change my plan, cancel my account, or update my billing info online? for more information.

When will my changes take place?

Since your subscription is pre-paid, you will keep your service until the billing period ends. This means that you and your organizers will not lose access to any of the features listed above until your current billing period ends and your account is not automatically renewed.

Cancel your subscription plan

1. Log in to the My Account page at

2. Under Plan Details, click Turn Off Renewal.

Click Yes, Turn Off Renewal to finish. Once your current billing period ends, your paid subscription plan will also end.



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