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Click Trails

ShareFile’s Virtual Data Room Plan includes a Click Trails feature. With Click Trails, an account administrator can see all of the steps that an individual has taken within the Virtual Data Room from the time that they login until the time they logout.

For more information regarding ShareFile features and plan requirements, please consult the ShareFile Pricing page.

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Enable Click Trails

The Virtual Data Room Click Trails feature can be found by clicking on the Admin link from the top navigation bar in the account. In the sidebar there is a link for Click Trails.

Note: This link will only be available to employee users who have been given the permission to access VDR analytics.

By selecting this option, you will be taken to a page that will list your users, along with a location and session start time. There will also be a link to View Session on the right. Above this View Session link, there is a dropdown view Click Trails for a specific period of time, including 7 days, 14 days, 30 days or a specific month dating back to when you first opened your account.

Click trails - overview

Once you have clicked the link to View Session for a specific user, you will be taken to another page which will list that individual’s ShareFile session for that period of time from the time that they logged in until the time that they logged out.

NOTE: If you select the individual’s name from the original list, you will be taken to a list for all of their sessions during a specific period of time.

Click trails


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