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ShareFile’s Virtual Data Room Plan includes a watermarking feature for documents in view only mode.This feature places a watermark on the document so if a user is able to print or tries to distribute the document you can track which user it came from. If the user has download permissions, the watermark will not appear while viewing.

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Previewing a file with watermark

Setting the Watermark:

You can set the watermark for the entire account or on a folder by folder basis.

Account Default:

Click on the Admin link from the navigation bar of your account and then clicking the Advanced Preferences link in the sidebar. You will find the Document Watermark setting under the Virtual Data Room settings on this page.

Folder Default:

Click into the folder and in the sidebar there will be an option for Edit Folder Options. You will find three options under the Document Viewer Watermark section: Use account wide setting, Do not use a watermark for this folder, and Use another watermark (allows for custom text).

Note: Watermarking is enabled by default on accounts with VDR

Watermark Options:

You can insert custom text or use one of the following dynamic text options. In the document viewer, these items will be replaced with the appropriate text:

  • User’s Email
  • User’s First Name
  • User’s Last Name
  • User’s Company
  • User’s IP address
  • Current Date
  • Current Time

Note: You can select the New Line option from the list provided to create a new line of text to be displayed on the watermark. This line of text can include any of the above options as well as a custom message.


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