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Two-Step Verification

Two-Step Verification (or Two-Factor Authentication) uses your phone to provide an extra layer of security for your username. After you log in, you will be asked to enter a verification code that will be sent to your phone via text message (SMS) or voice call, instead of your usual password. This feature is available to both Client Users and Employee Users.

This feature is not available for trial accounts.

Once this feature is enabled, the most popular ShareFile apps will also follow the same two-step verification process as the ShareFile website. Two-Step Verification is also supported on iOS and Android mobile devices. For further information on using Two-Step Verification on your Android device, please see this article.

Please note that the Adobe-AIR-based versions of sync do not support Two-Step Verification. Users who would like to continue using a desktop sync application and Two-Step Verification should install ShareFile Sync for Windows or ShareFile Sync for Mac.

This feature may be turned on for any account, but only users who do not use company credentials will use the two-step verification process.

Note: Two-Step Verification is not compatible for users accessing ShareFile through a custom login page.

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Two-Step Verification with ShareFile Apps

Disabling Two-Step Verification


Enabling Two-Step Verification

To opt into the two-step verification process, click My Settings in the top navigation bar and then Two-Step Verification in the sidebar. Then select the Enable button.

Enable Button

You will then be prompted to enter your country as well as phone number you would like ShareFile to send an SMS or voice message to. You do not need to separately enter your country code, as selecting your country will fill this in for you.

Add Phone Menu

You can also choose whether ShareFile should send you a text (SMS) message or a voice call to the phone number you provide.

Pressing Send will send a message via the selected method to the provided number. You will need to enter this code on the next screen in order to complete the setup of two-step verification.

Verify Your Number

You will be given the option to trust the computer you are currently using. Opting to do so will not prompt you for another verification code when using this computer and browser in the future.


Can I force my users to use Two-Step Verification?


By enabling this feature on the account, the Administrator user provides all users on the account with the option to enable the feature. It cannot be enforced on a user by user basis.


Logging in with Two-Step Verification

After you have set up your Two-Step Verification, you will be prompted for your verification code after logging in to ShareFile on a computer you have not opted to trust.

Enter Code

You must enter the code you have received most recently in order to proceed to your ShareFile account.

If you do not receive the code, you can select I didn’t receive a code for more options.

If you are still unable to get in to your ShareFile account, please contact your ShareFile administrator.

Two-Step Verification for ShareFile apps

Once this feature is enabled, the most popular ShareFile apps will also follow the same two-step verification process as the ShareFile website. These apps include:

ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook Users may need to re-link their plugin after enabling Two-Step Verification. For detailed information on re-linking the plugin, please refer to this article.

For further information on using the ShareFile app for Android phone, see this article.

Set application-specific password for other apps

Some other applications that run outside a browser are not compatible with Two-Step Verification, and you will need to create a separate password. When logging in, please enter this password instead of your regular password. After enabling Two-Step Verification, your ShareFile password will no longer be accepted by these apps.

These apps include:

You will be prompted to create application passwords for these tools after initially setting up Two-Step Verification. You can also access creation of application passwords by selecting My Settings from the top navigation bar and then Two-Step Verification in the sidebar. Under Application Specific Passwords, select the Create a Password button.

Create a Password button

On the new screen, you will be prompted to enter a label. This label will help you identify the app if you ever desire to revoke access to it.

Two-Step App Labels

After clicking Generate, you will be provided a code to copy and paste into the password field of one of these apps. Please be aware that this specific code will only be provided this one time, though you can generate new codes from this section whenever necessary.

Revoking an application specific password

Application specific passwords are valid until they are revoked. To view or revoke application specific passwords you have previously created, click the Manage Apps link in the Application Specific Passwords section.

Manage Apps button

Alternatively, you can access this by clicking My Settings in the top navigation bar and then My Connections in the sidebar.

On the My Connections page under Connected Apps you will see a list of labels you created for these application specific passwords, as well as when the password was last used.

My Connections

On this page, you can choose to revoke any previously created application specific password by clicking the Revoke link on the line with that password's label. Any device using that password will have to be reauthenticated with a new password ,and the password will no longer show up on this list.

Revoke Button

Apps that do not support Two-Step Verification

Please note that the following apps do not support the Two-Step Verification feature. If Two-Step Verification is enabled for your user, you will not able to use these apps.

Backup codes

ShareFile allows you to generate a set of backup codes that can be used in the event that you will be unable to access your phone. To generate these codes, click on My Settings in the top navigation bar then Two-Step Verification in the sidebar. Then select the Generate Backup Codes button.

Backup Codes

These codes may each be used only once. They will become invalid when a new set of codes is generated using this button.

Disabling Two-Step Verification

If you wish to disable this feature, you can do so by clicking on My Settings in the top navigation bar then Two-Step Verification in the sidebar. Then select the Disable button at the bottom of the page. You will need to reenter your password to verify.

To disable this feature for all users on your ShareFile account, click on the Admin link in the top navigation bar. Then, select Advanced Preferences in the sidebar. In the Password, Login and Security Policy section of the Advanced Preferences menu, you may choose whether or not your users can enable Two-Step Verification for their account. Click the Save button when you are finished.


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