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StorageZone Connectors

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StorageZones Connectors provide users with secure access to documents and folders in SharePoint document libraries and to data stored in network file shares. A StorageZones Connector is installed on a StorageZones Controller and integrates with ShareFile Enterprise subdomains and on-premises StorageZones.

StorageZone Connectors enable users by providing instant mobile access to data on existing network file shares via the ShareFile web application, ShareFile for iPad , ShareFile for iPhone, ShareFile for Android Tablets, and ShareFile for Android Phone apps.

To enable Connectors for your ShareFile account, please contact ShareFile Customer Care.

Click here to visit the Citrix eDocs page, where you can find additional installation and configuration instructions for ShareFile StorageZone Connectors. 

Click here for more information on StorageZones Controller version 3.0

ShareFile displays connected SharePoint document libraries and network files shares in supported ShareFile clients under Folders > SharePoint and Folders > File Shares. The credentials used to log on a user to ShareFile are also used to authenticate with SharePoint libraries and network file shares. If a user needs to use different credentials to access a connected library or share, the user must log out of ShareFile and then log on using the alternate credentials.

Note: StorageZones Connectors are available for ShareFile Enterprise. StorageZones Connectors are also provided with the XenMobile Enterprise, MDM, and App Editions.


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