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Re-enable OpenVoice for Google Calendar in Chrome

If you use the OpenVoice for Google Calendar extension on the Chrome browser, new security features that will be rolled out for Google Calendar on September 21, 2015 will cause the extension to be disabled. This article provides the steps to re-enable the extension. You can review the Google post about the changes.

The changes impact Firefox and Safari, but the extensions are re-enabled by OpenVoice rather than by each user.

However, for Chrome the extension needs to get re-enabled by the user. If you do not re-enable, the applications will not appear in Google Calendar in the Chrome browser. You can re-enable at any time. If you choose the Remove from Chrome option, the applications are removed. You would need to re-install the extensions to gain access again.


All non-Google owned extensions will be automatically disabled in Chrome on September 21, 2015. When this happens, you will be notified in one of the following ways:

  • The Options menu icon at the upper right of the browser window will display in orange.

  • On opening the Options menu, a message may display: OpenVoice for Google Calendar requires new permissions.

  • On opening the Options menu, a warning may display.

Re-enable an Extension

To re-enable an extension, you can click the Re-enable button in the menu message shown above. Or you can use the Options menu.

1. In your Chrome browser, select More tools | Extensions to open the Extensions editor.

2. Click the Enable box following OpenVoice for Google Calendar.

3. You will be asked to confirm your selection. Click Re-enable.

4. The extension will display as Enabled, and the product will now work in Google Calendar in Chrome.


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