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I can't join my session

We're sorry you can't connect to your session! Let's see if we can fix that.

Install the software

Try downloading the desktop app directly by clicking the links below. Once it installs, try joining the session again.


Note: When you click the Download button below, you will be launched into a test session.


Install Instructions


Install Instructions

See troubleshooting tips

Here are some additional troubleshooting resources for installing the desktop app.

Join now without a download

GoToMeeting allows you to attend meetings entirely online – no download needed! You can also use the Web App to host your meetings from your Google Chrome web browser. See About the Web App to learn more!

Host or join using Google Chrome (recommended)

This will allow you to join or host a session using the HTML5-based Web App.

1. Open a Google Chrome web browser.

2. Go to http://app.gotomeeting.com.

3. Enter the Meeting ID, then click the arrow key.

  • If you are the organizer, click start the meeting at the bottom of the screen. Then log in when prompted.

4. You'll be automatically launched into session!

Join using Firefox, IE or Safari

This will allow you to join the session using the Adobe Flash-based Web Viewer app.

1. Open a new browser window.

2. Go to "https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/<meetingID>?clientType=flash".

Be sure to enter your meeting's unique 9-digit ID in place of "<meetingID>".

3. You will then join the session automatically!



How to Join a Meeting

Join a Test Session