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View Meeting History

You can view meeting history data to see information on your past meetings (date, time, title, duration and attendees). Meeting history data is stored for 90 days after a meeting's scheduled end date. If you're on a GoToMeeting corporate plan, meeting history is stored for up to 12 months.

View Meeting History

View Attendee Details

View Meeting History

1. Log in to your GoToMeeting account.

2. On the My Meetings page, click the Meeting History column.

3.You can use the dates at the top of the page to select a date range for past meetings.

View Attendee Details

1. On the Meeting History column, select the number in the Attendees column to view attendee details (i.e., name, email address and join and leave times) for a session.

2. To export the attendee data to Excel (.XLS), click the Export to Excel button.


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