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User Guides

Citrix Event Services (PDF)

Citrix is proud to provide high quality Event Services for GoToWebinar and GoToTraining.

GoToMeeting Organizer QuickRef Guide (PDF)

Organizers should use this guide to learn how to install GoToMeeting, schedule and start a meeting, GoToMeeting VoIP and telephone best practices, manage attendees and use presenter controls. The Organizer QuickRef guide is a good place to start as an organizer new to GoToMeeting.

GoToMeeting User Guide (PDF)

GoToMeeting users should reference this guide to learn how to install GoToMeeting, set preferences, organize meetings, VoIP and telephone best practices, start or end a scheduled meeting, use the GoToMeeting control panel, use HDFaces Video Conferencing, manage attendees, use the GoToMeeting website, change account information, tips for success, and basic troubleshooting. This is an excellent resource for the most complete information about GoToMeeting in downloadable form.

Feature Guides

GoToMeeting Quick Reference Guide - Sharing Video (PDF)

This guide describes the best settings for sharing video during a presentation.

Attendee Guides

GoToMeeting Attendee Guide (PDF)

Use this guide to learn how to join a meeting, use GoToMeeting audio, chat, webcam and leave a meeting. Distribute this guide to attendees to give them a jump start on attending your meeting.

Admin Resources

GoToMeeting MSI Installation Guide (PDF)

Domain administrators can automatically install GoToMeeting on multiple computers using the GoToMeeting MSI. This is a very convenient way for administrators of a network domain to deploy and install the GoToMeeting desktop app to thousands of users or computers throughout the network. Use this guide to help you through the installation process.