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Manage Training Page

After scheduling a training session, the Manage Training page allows you to do the following:

  • Share: Click the Share button to share registration links.
  • Start: Click the Start button to immediately start the training session.
  • My Trainings: Click the My Trainings link to go back to the My Trainings page.
  • Copy this training: Click the Copy this training link to open the Copy Training page where you can create a new training session with all of the identical information from this training session.

The rest of the Manage Training page displays details of your scheduled training session. In each section there is one or more Edit buttons which give you access to menus you can change to customize your training session.

Title/Description Click Edit in the Title/Description section to change either the title or the description of the training session.
Date/Time Click Edit Date and Time in the Date/Time section to edit, delete or add the date(s) and time(s) of a training session to Outlook® or iCal® calendars.
Organizers Click Edit in the Organizers section to view or edit the scheduling organizer and any designated co-organizers.
Audio Click Edit in the Audio section to view and customize the audio options for your training participants.
Registration & Payment Click Edit in the Registration & Payment section to view the information that is sent to and requested from your registrants on the registration form, including any custom questions. Here you can also determine the size of your training session class, set a fee for the training session and set whether or not each registrant requires your prior approval.
Materials for Attendees

Click Edit in the Materials for Attendees section to upload course materials to a training session to provide attendees with additional content. If you add materials before the training session, the materials link is available in the registration link and can be accessed from the Materials pane during a training session, as well as from the follow-up email after the training session. If you add materials after the training session, materials are only available in the follow-up email.

You may also add materials that are already in your Library.

Tests Click Edit in the Tests section to create, add and manage tests for your attendees.
Polls Click Edit in the Polls section to create polls to use during your training session.
Evaluation for AttendeesClick Edit in the Evaluation for Attendees section to create, add and manage evaluation forms, which can be requested after the training session or in a follow-up email.
Catalogs Click Edit in the Catalogs section to create a new catalog or to add the training session to existing ones.


Click Edit next to "Reply-To Name and Email Address" to edit or change the person to whom the registrant can send questions about the training session. "Please send your questions, comments and feedback to: <SpecifiedEmailAddress>" appears on all GoToTraining emails relating to your training session.

Click Edit next to Reminder Emails to select when reminders are sent to registrants and to send your own comments to the registrants.

Click Edit next to "Follow-up Email" to schedule and text block comments sent to registrants following the training session.

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