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Connection Wizard

The GoToMyPC Connection Wizard is a program that tests and determines the ideal connection settings within your network. The Connection Wizard stores these optimal connection settings on your computer for use in future sessions.

The GoToMyPC Connection Wizard is currently unavailable to Mac users.



Topics in this article:

To run the GoToMyPC Connection Wizard

Using the Custom Wizard (Advanced Users only)

Reset GoToMyPC Connection Settings


To run the GoToMyPC Connection Wizard

1. Go to

2. Download and open the GoToMyPC Connection Wizard.

3. Once the wizard opens, click Run Wizard.

4. If the Wizard does not automatically open your browser to, go to the page. When your browser is open to, click OK.

5. Wait for the Wizard to test connectivity and then click Next.

6. Once finished, the Wizard notifies you of the results. Click Exit Wizard to finish.


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Using the Custom Wizard (Advanced Users Only)

The Custom Wizard offers advanced users and network administrators customizable options that control how GoToMyPC manages connections within your network.

To run the custom GoToMyPC Connection Wizard

1. Go to

2. Download and open the GoToMyPC Connection Wizard.

3. Right-click the GoToMyPC logo banner. Advanced options will display.

4. Click Custom Wizard.

5. Specify the parameters of the connection test and click Next.

Note: For detailed information on the GoToMyPC data server IP addresses that the Wizard attempts to reach, please consult our IP range document.

6. Wait for the Wizard to detect a connection to our servers and then click Next.

7. The Wizard displays all verified connection methods. Select a preferred connection method and adjust the Usage setting as desired. You can force GoToMyPC to communicate through a specific port. If your network requires Internet traffic to go through a proxy, see if it's listed as a verified connection method for GoToMyPC and set Usage to Force or Try Always.

8. If you don't see any verified communication methods or your network proxy listed, click Add.

9. Specify your information and click Verify to test. If the Wizard is unable to verify your network proxy connection settings, contact your network administrator and refer to our IP range for optimal firewall configuration.

10. Once finished, the Wizard notifies you of the results. Click Exit Wizard.

11. Restart GoToMyPC and determine if connectivity has improved.

12. If the connection fails with the selected configuration, re-open the Connection Wizard, right-click the GoToMyPC logo and then, click Manual Tools.

Reset GoToMyPC Connection Settings

If your new connections settings aren't working or as an additional troubleshooting step for other connection problems, you may need to reset the stored GoToMyPC connection settings.

To reset GoToMyPC Connection Settings

1. Go to

2. Download and open the GoToMyPC connection wizard.

3. Right-click the GoToMyPC logo banner. Advanced options will be displayed.

4. Click Manual Tools.

5. Click Reset to remove any settings previously stored by the Connection Wizard.



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