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Universal Viewer

The Universal Viewer enables you to view your host Windows PC or Mac from any computing device and operating system that supports Java, including Linux and Solaris computers as well as Windows computers that do not accept downloadable files.

Note: Please see System Requirements for more information on which systems may require the Universal Viewer.

This feature is particularly useful if you are using an Internet kiosk. To help ensure the greatest possible support for operating systems, the Universal Viewer has a limited set of features and does not include support for Sound, Chat, Clipboard, Remote Printing, File Transfer/Sync, Drag-and-Drop File Transfer or Viewer Dimming.

The Universal Viewer will automatically appear during the connection process if you are using an operating system other than the supported Windows or Mac operating systems, or if you are using a computer that does not accept downloadable files.

For security reasons, when using the Universal Viewer, your GoToMyPC session will automatically log out at any time you navigate to a new web page or exceed your Viewer inactivity time-out period.

Note: Android and iOS users cannot begin a GoToMyPC session with the Universal Viewer.

  To begin a session with the Universal Viewer

  1. From the GoToMyPC website, log in to your account.
  2. If you have multiple accounts associated with one email address, choose the account you want to access and click Go.
  3. Choose the computer you want to connect to and click Connect.
  4. On the connection status page, click Use the Universal Viewer link. The Universal Viewer will begin loading.

Universal Viewer Shortcut

This feature adds a shortcut to the client computer's Favorites or Bookmarks folder. This is convenient for users who frequently use the same client computer to access the same host computer. The shortcut saves time by automatically directing you to the Enter Access Code window and bypassing the usual browser/password log-in page.

  To create a shortcut from the Universal Viewer

  1. Begin a session as described above.
  2. From the Universal Viewer window, select File and then Create Shortcut to "Host PC Name".
  3. Click Yes.
  4. Select a location in your browser's Favorites folder and click OK.

Note: If your browser does not support automatic bookmark creation, a link will be provided that you can be paste into a bookmark. To do so, create a bookmark from your browser, right-click the new bookmark and select Properties. Then, replace the existing bookmark link with the provided link.  

Resize Your Host Computer Image

You can change the size of the image of your host desktop's image within the Universal Viewer. From the View menu, you can choose between the following options:

  • Actual Size: Displays the actual image of the host computer desktop within the Universal Viewer. This selection may require you to scroll.
  • Scale to Fit: Scales the host desktop's image to fit within the client computer's screen.
  • Zoom To: Allows you to zoom the image to a setting you choose. This selection may require you to scroll.

Lock and Unlock Your Host PC with Send Ctrl-Alt-Del

The Send Ctrl-Alt-Del feature can be used to unlock and lock a host computer. For more information, please see Remotely Unlock Your Host PC and Remotely Lock Your Host PC.