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When attempting to launch GoToMeeting, why am I getting the error "Another instance of the installer is already running"?

When you Join or Start a meeting from the website, the GoToMeeting software is loaded on your computer.  If the loading process is unable to finish and you click Start or Join again, you will receive the error message "Another instance of the installer is running". To resolve this issue it is recommended you end all GoToMeeting Tasks within the Task Manager and try again:

To end the GoToMeeting Tasks within the Task Manager:
  1. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete on your keyboard OR right-click the Taskbar
  2. Select the Processes tab
  3. Click the Image Name column to organize he processes by name
  4. End any process starting with g2m by clicking the process and Click End Process
  5. Repeat until all g2m processes are gone
  6. Try and start the GoToMeeting session again

If the error still persists there is a bug on XP machines that can also cause this issue.

Please attempt either of the fixes below if you are on an XP Machine:

Fix 1:  Install hotfix from Microsoft that fixes shimeng.dll

Once you have downloaded the hotfix,  double click the downloaded file and this will extract it to a folder of your choosing.  After doing so,  go to that folder,  and run the unpacked executable in order to install the hotfix.

Fix 2:  Disable Application Compatibility for all GoToMeeting executable files

GoToMeeting does not need Application Compatibility enabled.


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