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OpenVoice Integrated Toll-Free Audio Service

Organizers can host sessions using GoToMeeting's integrated audio and provide VoIP, toll (long distance) numbers and/or toll-free numbers.

OpenVoice integrated toll-free audio service must be purchased separately from your GoToMeeting plan. If you have a GoToMeeting corporate plan and your billing address is based in the U.S., U.K., Canada or Australia, you may purchase OpenVoice integrated toll-free audio online.

Organizers incur per-minute changes for each attendee who uses the OpenVoice integrated toll-free audio service.

Calculating Toll-Free Minutes

Available international countries with Integrated Toll-Free audio

Schedule a session with Integrated Toll-Free audio

Start a session with Integrated Toll-Free audio

Calculating toll-free minutes

Per-minute charges apply to all participants who dial in with the toll-free option. Those who join by regular toll (long distance) numbers are charged rates based on their own long distance provider. There are no additional charges for those who join a session using VoIP.

To minimize billing, any attendee who joins a session before the organizer starts the event is disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity. If the session is cancelled and never started by the organizer, then no charges are incurred. However, if an organizer joins the session, even if was never started, the account is charged for the organizer's minutes, along with the minutes incurred by any attendees waiting for the event to start.


Available international countries with Integrated Toll-Free audio

See the available international toll-free and long-distance (toll) numbers.


Schedule a Meeting with Integrated Toll-Free Audio

1. If you already have the GoToMeeting application installed on your Windows computer, right-click the GoToMeeting daisy icon in your system tray and select My Meetings. On a Mac, open GoToMeeting and select My Meetings. If you don't have the GoToMeeting application installed, download it now.

2. If prompted enter your email and password, and click Log In.

3. On the Schedule a Meeting window, fill out the subject, date and start and end times. You can also protect your meeting by adding a meeting password (optional) so that participants are required to enter a password successfully before joining.

To schedule a recurring meeting so that you and your attendees can reuse the same Meeting ID and audio information, select the Recurring meeting check box. Recurring meetings remain available in My Meetings until you delete them.

4. Choose which audio option you'd like to provide for the meeting. To add more international long-distance (toll) and/or toll-free numbers, click Edit countries to choose more countries.

5. Click the Schedule button when finished.

If you integrate GoToMeeting with an email client, such as Outlook, a meeting invitation will pop up, which you can send to attendees as a calendar appointment. If you want to remind attendees of a recurring meeting, click Recurrence in your Outlook invitation email, or choose another calendar to remind attendees.

Start a session with OpenVoice integrated toll-free audio

Starting a session with OpenVoice integrated toll-free audio is the same as starting any other session but with one key difference. Because the organizer is charged for each attendee dialing in with toll-free audio, attendees cannot talk amongst themselves until the organizer arrives. If an organizer starts the session late, attendees will remain on hold and will hear the following greeting: "The organizer has not yet started the meeting. You will be placed on hold until the organizer arrives."

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