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Schedule a Meeting

As a GoToMeeting organizer you can quickly schedule meetings in advance or start an impromptu meeting directly from your desktop. Once a meeting is scheduled, you can host as many meetings as you like with the existing meeting information no matter when it is scheduled. If you wish to save that meeting information for future meetings then select the Recurring meeting option.

Schedule a Meeting from Your Desktop

View Scheduled Meetings

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Schedule a Meeting from Your Desktop

To schedule a meeting from your desktop

1. Right-click the daisy icon in the system tray on a Windowsor double-click the GoToMeeting Suite icon on a Mac and select Schedule a Meeting.

2. If prompted, enter your email and password and click Log In.

3. On the Schedule a Meeting window, enter:

  • Subject - Enter the title of your meeting.
  • When will this meeting take place? - Select the date and start time.
  • Recurring meeting - Check this box to reuse the same meeting information for future meetings.
  • Audio - Select the GoToMeeting integrated audio or use your own.
  • Provide VoIP only (requires microphone and speakers) - All attendees join the audio portion via the Internet with built-in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).
  • Provide a conference call number only - All attendees join the audio portion through the telephone.
  • Provide both - Allows all attendees to join the audio portion through the telephone or VoIP. Attendees joining through VoIP must have speakers to hear the meeting and a microphone if you would like them to speak. Attendees can switch between these audio options during a meeting.
  • Note: If you are using the GoToMeeting Integrated Audio, you can provide toll numbers for multiple countries. Please see Schedule an International Meeting for more information.

  • Provide your own conference call information - Select this option if you wish to use your company's existing conference phone number.
  • Meeting password - If you wish to protect your meeting with a password, you will be prompted for it when you start your meeting and/or invite additional attendees. Your attendees will also need to know this password to join.


4. Click the Schedule button when complete.

You will receive notification that your meeting has been scheduled. If you have chosen to integrate with Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook, a meeting reminder will be generated and give you the option of inviting attendees via a Calendar appointment. See the Integrated Preferences section of PC Preferences.

Note: In order to find the conference call number without Outlook or Lotus Notes integration, begin the meeting: the number is displayed in the Audio tab.

View Scheduled Meetings

To view your scheduled meeting

  • Right-click the daisy icon   in the system tray on a Windows or double-click the GoToMeeting Suite icon on a Mac and select My Meetings.


  • You can view meeting history data to see information on your past meetings (date, time, title, duration and attendees). Meeting history data is stored for 90 days after a meeting's scheduled end date. If you're on a GoToMeeting corporate plan (multi-user account), meeting history is stored for up to 12 months.
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