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Preferences for Windows Users

The GoToMeeting Preferences feature allows you to set preferences for running GoToMeeting, choose which GoToMeeting integrations are displayed and test the GoToMeeting connection.

Windows users can access GoToMeeting Preferences by right-clicking the daisy icon in the system tray, or if in a meeting, from the File menu.

Note: Preference options outlined in this guide are specific to GoToMeeting. If your account includes GoToWebinar, additional preference options will appear. For more information on GoToWebinar preference options, please refer to the Getting Started section of the GoToWebinar help.


Mac users can access their GoToMeeting Preferences by double-clicking the GoToMeeting Suite icon on their desktop and selecting Preferences from the GoToMeeting menu in the menu bar. Please see Preferences - Mac Users for more information.



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Start Up Preferences

The Start Up category lets you determine how you start GoToMeeting.

  • Automatically after I log in to Windows - This option starts GoToMeeting automatically after you log in to your PC.
  • Manually - This option sets GoToMeeting to start only when you launch the application from your Programs menu.
  • Remember me on this computer - This checkbox enables automatic login to GoToMeeting.
  • Show me desktop notifications - Desktop Notifications is a free GoToMeeting feature designed to deliver simple and effortless access to complimentary Citrix Online software upgrades, information, news and discounts individual users may be eligible for.
  • Remind me of upcoming meetings - This check box becomes available if you select Remember me on this computer and provides reminders for your scheduled meetings.
  • Periodically synchronize reminders with My Meetings - This option is applicable to Citrix Presentation Server users and is the recommended setting for optimal use. This checkbox becomes available if you select the Remind me of upcoming meetings check box and will synchronize meetings scheduled from a published Outlook® or Lotus Notes® with a local installation of GoToMeeting.


General Preferences

The General category lets you set your general GoToMeeting preferences.

  • File save settings - Enables you to save the Chat Log to any drive or directory.
  • Security - Set the inactivity timeout to automatically stop screen sharing if there is no keyboard input or mouse movement for the specified period of time.
  • Session Identity - Remember your name and email as displayed in the attendee list.








Meetings Preferences

The Meetings category lets you determine which GoToMeeting options are available to attendees during a meeting. You can also select which messages are viewable during a meeting.

  • Enable or disable the ability for attendees to chat and view the Attendee List.
  • Create a Chat Welcome Message that is sent to each attendee upon joining the meeting.
  • Enable or disable various system messages that appear to you when specific meeting actions occur.
  • Select the desired color for your GoToMeeting Viewer and Control Panel.

Note: If you disable the Chat Bubbles option, a new message icon will still appear on the Grab Tab to notify you of new chat messages as they are received.





Recording Preferences

The Recording category lets you set your audio and video recording preferences. See Record a Meeting for more information.

  • Audio - Allows you to enable or disable recording the audio portion of your meeting. To record, choose which audio service you have scheduled to use for your meeting (see the following table).
  • Video - Allows you to select the meeting recording output format and destination for saving the file.

Note: Be sure to check your audio device settings under Audio in the left menu.

Note: Mac users can only view meetings recorded in the Windows Media Player format.

  • Save in - Select the folder in which you want to save your recording.







Using GoToMeeting Integrated AudioUsing Your Own Audio Service
Records all unmuted speakers in the meeting.

To record all unmuted speakers, you will need a phone patch connected to both your phone and the mic in port of your computer.

To record just your voice, you will need a microphone connected to your computer.

If you want to use VoIP with your own audio service, please contact your Account Manager (GoToMeeting corporate plans) or Global Customer Support (GoToMeeting plans).
Your Windowsmust have a sound card installed in order to record audio. For example, if you can hear music through your Windows, you have a sound card.

Mac users are not able to record a meeting. If you want your meeting recorded, promote a Windows attendee to organizer in-session. A Windows-based organizer will have the recording feature.



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Integration Preferences

The Integrations category lets you determine where to display GoToMeeting integrations. Options include:

  • Use GoToMeeting with - Select your GoToMeeting email and calendar integration. By selecting My default email application you can integrate with MAPI-compliant email/calendar programs other than Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. Depending on your email application's capabilities, integration with MAPI-enabled programs allows for features such as automatically adding meetings to a calendar and automatic creation of email messages with meeting information.
  • Show GoToMeeting Toolbar in Microsoft Office - Display the GoToMeeting Toolbar in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Note: Changes will only be displayed after restarting Outlook, Lotus Notes and/or the instant -messaging application.


Note: Citrix Presentation Server users may have their Integrations settings automatically configured by their Presentation Server Administrators so that GoToMeeting integrates with published email and calendaring software. In order to integrate with published email and calendaring software, the Integrations setting should have no check mark in the Use GoToMeeting with box and all meetings should be scheduled from the published Outlook/Lotus Notes toolbar. This is also the recommended setting if your are prompted to disable local email client integration.


Connection Preferences

The Connection category allows you to test the status of your GoToMeeting connection.

Note: To ensure a valid connection test, we advise that you refrain from testing your connection unless a GoToMeeting Global Customer Care representative directs you to perform the connection test.

Audio Preferences

The Audio category lets you set up and test your microphone and speakers for recording and for your meetings utilizing VoIP. If changes to your audio settings are made during a meeting, your microphone is temporarily muted so you can privately manage your settings. See GoToMeeting Integrated Audio for more information.

  • Microphone Setup - Select a microphone from the drop-down menu. To test, speak into your microphone; if connected correctly, the sound bar will move when you speak.
  • Speakers Setup - Select your speakers from the drop-down menu. To test, click Play Sound; if connected correctly, the sound bar will move and you will hear a short soundtrack.
  • Advanced - GoToMeeting automatically adjusts system mixer settings. We recommend you keep this checked. If you uncheck this selection, you must manually configure your audio settings through Windows Sounds and Audio Devices.
  • Use automatic volume and noise processing - This option usually improves audio quality when people are talking. Unchecking this box may improve quality of music or other audio sources.


Webcam Preferences

The Webcam category lets you set up and test your webcam for HDFaces Video Conferencing. Options include:

  • Your camera - Shows the make and model of your detected webcam.
  • Select a display format - Adjusts the aspect ratios of webcam feeds. (4:3 is the normal display and 16:9 is the widescreen display.
  • Advanced - Modifies your hardware settings from within GoToMeeting. Customizable options depend on your webcam manufacturer.
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