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Add Session Notes

You can create session notes to capture new ideas, jot down important information, or keep track of details while you are assisting your customer during a GoToAssist Seeit session. Session notes can be downloaded with your session data after the session has ended.

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Add session notes

View session notes

Add session notes

During an active session, agents can create session notes throughout the session.

Using the agent website from your desktop computer:

  1. Click the Session Notes icon in the agent toolbar in the lower navigation, or hold the Ctrl key then press Enter on your keyboard.

  1. A session notes field will appear in the right navigation, where you can start typing.

  1. To save and close the session notes field, you can either click the Session Notes icon or hold the Ctrl key and press Enter on your keyboard. You can also click the Collapse icon above the session notes field.
  2. To add more or edit existing notes, click the Session Notes icon or hold the Ctrl key then press Enter on your keyboard again.

Using the agent iOS app:

  1. Tap the Session Notes icon on the toolbar in the lower navigation.
  2. Type your notes, then tap Done when finished.
  3. To add more or edit existing notes, tap the Session Notes icon once again.

View session notes

After the session has ended, you can view the session notes you created by downloading your session data, which will include a Session Notes text file (.txt file format) that contains all of the notes you added during your session.

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