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Log In to GoToAssist

Once you create a GoToAssist account, use the email address and password you signed up with to log in and access all of GoToAssist:

Forgot your password?

1. Go to the Forgot Your Password? page.

2. Enter the email address you use to log in to your account.

3. Click Continue to reset your password.

4. Once you receive the Forgot Your Password email, click the link to create a new password. Then log in using your newly created password.

Can’t access your account?

If you're trying to log in but can't access your account, your subscription may have expired. You'll need to renew your account to continue using GoToAssist.

Can't access a module?

If users are unable to access one of the GoToAssist modules, then they likely do not have access to it for one of the following reasons:

  • No module access
    If users see a message explaining that the account is configured for the module but they do not have access, then they must request a technician seat from an administrator.

  • Module not included in account
    If users see a message explaining that the account does not include the module, then an administrator must purchase a subscription plan for it.

  • Expired account
    If the free trial or subscription plan for the account has expired, users will not be able to access the web account and will only see the My Account page. An administrator must renew the expired account.

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