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Many examples in GoToAssist documentation include capitalized reserved words such as SELECT and FROM, on multiple lines to make it easier to discuss the parts of a query. But this is not required.

PQL is not case-sensitive. And PQL supports queries using equivalent structures. You can write queries on a single line or multiple lines, using upper or lower-case letters, including nesting. The following two structures are equivalent:

                              SELECT bar, baz                  
 FROM /network/device
 WHERE a = b 

 select/network/device[a = b](bar, baz)

You can rearrange PQL tree expressions as follows:

SELECT *                          
 FROM /network/device              
 WHERE a = 'b'

 FROM /network/device[a = 'b'] 

The following structures are not quite equivalent but produce similar results:

 FROM /network/device                      
 WHERE a[name = 'eth0'] = 'b'

 FROM /network/device/a[name = 'eth0'] = 'b'

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