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Install a Crawler on your Network

Once you have created a GoToAssist Monitoring account, you can add Crawlers to computers and servers in your network to link it to the new account.

A single server for a given network should have a network crawler installed. You can install the Crawler on the server where you want the Crawler to reside within your network or sub-network, and then it will automatically scan the network and discover devices to add to your inventory. If you plan to monitor networked devices, install GoToAssist Monitoring from a Windows server that is always connected to your network, preferably one used for DNS or other centralized network services. You will need to have domain-level credentials on the system. Additional networks (e.g., those separated by geography, cost centers, companies) should have their own crawlers installed in order to optimize data collection.You can also use multiple Crawlers to further expand your inventory, as follows:

  • Add additional Crawlers on servers within the same network to crawl a logical sub-network.
  • Add additional Crawlers on servers in other geographical locations to gather data from that network.
  • Add additional Crawlers to servers within separate corporate divisions.
  • Add additional Crawler to servers within other companies within GoToAssist.

Initially a crawler scans every device it detects, which may take 24 to 48 hours (depending on the size of your network). After your initial network scan, the Crawler scans your network every 24 hours (by default) to track any new installations or configuration changes, and to monitor server health and performance. The scan can also be configured to make specific changes, such as deploying software updates or revised configuration files using crawler plug-ins. Between scans the crawler listens passively for new devices. When it discovers a new device, the Crawler immediately gathers data about that device and securely transfers the data to your device repository. The inventory can be accessed in GoToAssist Monitoring and the GoToAssist Service Desk.

Warning: To avoid unreliable results, do not configure multiple crawlers to scan the same devices.

END-OF-LIFE ANNOUNCEMENT: The GoToAssist Monitoring product will be permanently decommissioned on December 31, 2015. Please see our FAQs for additional details.

Install a Crawler

Once you download the Crawler, a Setup Wizard will take you through the installation and configuration process. The Crawler’s default configuration is pre-set for optimum out-of-the-box performance, but you can also reconfigure it at any time after installation.

1. Log in at from a computer or server within the network you want to scan. This computer or server will host the GoToAssist Crawler desktop application and discover other devices on the network to which it is connected.

2. Select the company you want the Crawler's inventory will be associated with from the Companies menu in the top navigation

3. Go to Monitoring > Data Collection.

4. Under "For LAN Data Collection," click Add a Crawler.

5. In the Download dialog, click Download the Crawler. Be sure to leave the browser window open during the download, as you will need the data key when configuring the Crawler in later steps.

6. Follow the prompts of the GoToAssist Crawler Setup Wizard to finish the installation.

7. Once the Wizard is finished, the Crawler icon appears in your system tray.

8. Click Finish to close the Setup Wizard and automatically launch the GoToAssist Crawler Configuration Wizard.

Note: In order to completely install the Crawler, you must associate it with your GoToAssist account using the data key using the GoToAssist Crawler Configuration Wizard. If you close the GoToAssist Crawler Setup window without doing so, the Crawler will not appear in the Data Collection application or scan your network. If you accidentally close the GoToAssist Crawler Setup window, simply locate the "GoToAssist Crawler" application on your computer and open it to resume configuration.

9. Click Next to follow the prompts of the GoToAssist Crawler Configuration Wizard and configure the Crawler to suit the needs of the organization. While it's okay to skip most of the configuration options initially (and configure them at a later time), you must complete the "Associate this Crawler with a GoToAssist Account" screen by copy/pasting your data key from Step #5.

10. Click Finish when done configuring the Crawler. Back in the Data Collection application, refresh the page to see the new Crawler entry under "For LAN Data Collection" and the results of its scans will begin appearing in the Inventory (full results may take up to 24 hours to complete). See Configure the Crawler for next steps.

Configure the Crawler

Once the Crawler is installed, you can configure it to suit the needs of your organization. You can do so using the GoToAssist Crawler Configuration Wizard during installation, or you can modify the configuration at a later time.

See the following for more information: 


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