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XenServer Application

The XenServer application provides monitoring and visualization of the information that is collected from XenServer Hosts and virtual devices. The Crawler collects the data (using the XenServer Configuration plugin and XenServer Performance plugin) and submits it to your search index, where you can run queries against it like all data in the search index. Use the XenServer application to discover, track, search, and visualize VMs and their resource capacity and consumption in CPU, memory, storage, and network.

Note: Administrators must first install this application onto the account in order to use it.

END-OF-LIFE ANNOUNCEMENT: The GoToAssist Monitoring product will be permanently decommissioned on December 31, 2015. Please see our FAQs for additional details.

Set up the XenServer application

1. Install the XenServer application.

2. Add your XenServer Host credentials to the Crawler.

Note: By providing your XenServer credentials, you're allowing the Crawler to access your XenServer hosts to gather and index the data.

3. Add a Crawler schedule that includes at least 1 of the XenServer plugins. (depending on the information that you want to gather).

Note: It is highly recommended that you create a smart group that includes your XenServer hosts (using system/model like 'XenServer%') and include it in the Crawler schedule (under "Devices and Groups").


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