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File Transfer

The File Transfer feature enables you and your customer to exchange files and folders. It uses the same firewall and proxy-friendly connection techniques as screen sharing. There are no restrictions on the type or size of files that can be sent.

To send a file to your customer (PC and Mac)

1. From the Viewer select the File Transfer menu and select Send Files.

2. Locate the file or folder to be transferred and select Send.

3. To send the file, you or the customer must choose a location for the file and click Save.

4. You and your customer both receive confirmation through a File Transfer Status window.

To drag and drop files (PC only)

  • To drag and drop a file or folder directly between your computer and your client's, drag a file from your desktop onto the Viewer to start copying.

The computer to which the file is being transferred displays a message that an incoming file is being transferred.

To receive a file from your customer (PC and Mac)

  1. From your Viewer select File Transfer and select Get Files from Customer.
  2. You or your customer can locate the file and select Send.
  3. Select a location for the file and then click Save.


If your customer wants to send you a file (PC and Mac)

  1. Your customer can select the File Transfer button from their toolbar and select Send Files.
  2. Your customer navigates to the file he/she wishes to transfer and selects Send.
  3. You are prompted to choose a location to store the file and then click Save.

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