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Request a File

Requesting Files video Watch Video (3:05)

To request a file, click the Request a File link in the navigation bar.

If you do not see a Request a File link in your navigation bar, contact your ShareFile Administrator about obtaining the appropriate permissions.

You can choose to send the Request via a ShareFile email, or generate a link you can copy and send on your own.

Use the To, Subject, and Message fields to select your recipient(s) and customize your message.


Request a File

Request a File


By default, files uploaded through a Request will be uploaded to your File Box. Remember, files that are in the File Box for more than 30 days will automatically be deleted by the system.

If you wish for files to be sent to a specific folder instead of your File Box, click on the File Box icon listed as the 'Upload Location' on the Request form to select a different destination folder.


Request a File Upload Location


Once you have configured your options, click the Request a File button to send the request or generate a link you can copy and paste.


Request Files to a Specific Folder

To have files uploaded directly to a folder through a request, navigate to the folder where you want files sent and click the Request Files link in the sidebar as shown below.


Request Files to Folder



What your client will see:

The recipient will receive an email which includes a link. When they click on the link they will be brought to a page that will allow them to upload a file into your account. If the recipient wishes to upload an entire Folder, they must zip the item in order to upload it successfully. Click here for more information on zipping multiple files..


Request a File Recipient View


Click here for more information on how to send large files.



Video: Requesting a File (3:05)

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