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Upload Troubleshooting

Upload speeds and success rates are affected by several varying factors including Internet Service Providers (ISP), differences in network capability, and firewall or security settings. If you do experience any problems when uploading to your ShareFile account, please contact support at 1-800-441-3453 Toll Free/ +1 919 745 6111 International or email ShareFile Support.

Issue- slow upload speeds

There are three major factors that contribute to how fast a file will upload to our servers: the size of the file, capability of your Internet connection, and geographic proximity to ShareFile servers.

1. Size

Large files take longer to upload than small files

Many small files can take longer to upload than one large file

Deep folder structures take longer to upload than simpler folder structures

2. ISP Capability

If you have multiple browsers open or multiple uploads occurring at the same time, your upload will slow down

If you are uploading from an office setting, you are sharing your connection with your coworkers, so their Internet activity will affect your upload speed

Your upload speed is limited by your ISP and common DSL and Cable internet service can range from 128kbps to 512kbps

3. Geographic Proximity

Under normal circumstances, the farther your data has to travel, the longer it will take to upload. To mitigate this issue, ShareFile has servers in the United States (Virginia, California and northern Oregon), Brazil, Ireland, Australia, Japan and Singapore. Accounts can be migrated between servers to ensure the fastest possible upload speeds

Another element to understand is the metric used to measure upload speeds. When uploading to your ShareFile account, speeds are reported in KB/sec (kilobytes per second). When running a speed test or receiving an estimated upload speed from your ISP, speeds are reported in Mb/sec (megabits per second). You can find all file measurements and their equivalents below:

ByteB8 bits
Kilobitkb1000 bits
KilobyteKB1024 bytes
MegabitMb1000 kilobits
MegabyteMB1024 kilobytes
GigabitGb1000 megabits
GigabyteGB1024 megabytes

Note: If you believe that you are not receiving optimal upload speeds, please contact ShareFile Support to obtain information on performing speed tests.

Common problems:

File will not upload or cannot be selected from a dialogue window

Most commonly, this issue will arise if someone attempts to upload a Windows shortcut to a program or file, an empty folder, or a file that may be in-use in a network setting.

Verify that you are uploading the actual file you wish to upload rather than its shortcut located on your desktop.

Be sure to populate your folders with at least one file. You are unable to upload empty folders to your ShareFile account.

Verify that the file you wish to upload is not in-use by another user on your internal network. When a file is in-use by another user, you may lose permission to access the file. This includes your ability to upload the file your ShareFile account.

My Keynote file is listed in gray text and I cannot upload it to my ShareFile account

Keynote files (.KEYNOTE) are the Mac equivalent to a Microsoft Power Point file (.PPT or .PPTX). Keynote files actually behave similar to folders. They contain multiple files for images, sounds, text, etc. Selecting a Keynote file from a dialogue window is not possible.

Keynote files must be compressed into a single file. The most popular way of doing this is to create a Stuffit file. Stuffit files (.SIT or .SITX) are the Mac equivalent to Windows Zip files (.ZIP). Once you have created your Stuffit file, you can select it to upload the Keynote file contained inside.

My file is taking a long time to Save to my ShareFile account

A - Towards the end of your upload, you will see the ShareFile progress bar screen display “Saving file…” This simply means that the server is placing the file into the folder where you chose to upload, and the record of your upload is being saved in our database. For larger files or deep folder structures, this may take some time.

Saving the document is part of the uploading process and is directly related to the speed of your upload. Please see the section above for more information about upload speeds.

I can’t upload to my ShareFile account (there is no Upload Files button)

Within a ShareFile account, all uploads must take place within a folder. You can locate the Upload Files button within a folder above the list of files.

If you are unable to locate the Upload Files button within a folder, you have not been granted permission to upload files to that particular folder. Please contact your system administrator for more information.

I can log into ShareFile, but when I click Upload Files, I am unable to connect

Because ShareFile services can be classified as “Online Storage” or “Online File Sharing” stricter IT Departments and firewall settings may keep users from uploading to our storage server.

Unfortunately, we cannot override a setting that is implemented by an IT department or firewall. However, we would be more than happy to provide your IT Department with the information they need to make sure our servers are white-listed on your side. Please contact support at 1-800-441-3453 or support@sharefile.com for more details.

My upload failed when I closed my browser window

Your browser window must stay open during an upload. You are free to minimize the browser. However, if you close the browser, you will cancel your upload.


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