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Audio: Using Telephone

Learn how to connect to audio using a telephone.

Use Telephone to connect to the audio conference

You can use a landline or mobile phone to dial in to the audio conference. Once you're in-session, you'll have access to your unique Audio PIN.

  1. During a training session, select Telephone in the Audio pane of your Control Panel.
  2. Dial the conference call number provided.
  3. Enter the access code followed by the # key.
  4. Enter the Audio PIN followed by the # key.

Note: By default, all attendees are unmuted upon joining a training session. You can set mute/unmute preferences in the Attendee List or on the Grab Tab, which requires that you enter the Audio PIN. See Manage Attendee Audio.

Manage audio by telephone (organizers only)

*2CountProvides the number of participants currently on the conference call.
*3On-Hold BeepsBy default, organizer hears beeps until the first caller arrives. Press *3 to turn off the on-hold beeps.
*4MenuProvides a menu of available conference commands.
*5Mute/Unmute Attendees

Sets mute/unmute modes for attendees. By default, all attendees are unmuted. Pressing *5 cycles through the following options:

  • Mute attendees - Attendees can unmute themselves.
  • Mute attendees - Attendees cannot unmute themselves.
  • Unmute attendees - All attendees are unmuted.
*6Mute/Unmute OrganizerMutes the organizer's line. Pressing *6 again unmutes the line.
*8Tone Controls

Sets entry and exit tones. By default, entry and exit tones are turned on. Pressing *8 cycles through the following options:

  • Entry and exit tones off
  • Entry tone off/exit tone on
  • Entry tone on/exit tone off
  • Entry and exit tones on
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