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Remote Printing

The Remote Printing feature allows users to easily print files on the host computer to their local printer.

There are 2 remote printing options:

  • GoToMyPC Printer: This feature is the most convenient option and is recommended for most jobs. From the Print window, select the GoToMyPC Printer and print as you normally would. Your file will be automatically redirected to your local computer's default printer.
  • Manually Enable a Local Printer : For jobs that require prevision printing, you can manually enable a specific printer. To do so, you must configure the local printer with the host computer during a remote session or while at the host computer.

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GoToMyPC Printer

The GoToMyPC Printer automatically detects the printers available to your client computer and directs the print job to the local default printer.

To print a remote file to your local printer

  1. From your application's File menu, select Print.
  2. Verify that the GoToMyPC Printer is selected in the Print window.
  3. Click OK. Printing will begin at your local computer's default printer.

Print to a Different Local Printer

You can easily switch between local printers while in a remote session.

 To switch local printers during a remote session

1. From the GoToMyPC viewer, select the File menu and then click Select GoToMyPC Printer.

2. From the drop-down list, select the printer you would like to use.

3. Return to the file in the remote application and print with the GoToMyPC Printer. Your file will now be directed to the printer you selected..