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Use GoToMeeting with a Firewall

Firewalls are a popular and effective security option that are designed to block unauthorized outgoing and incoming communications with your computer. Some firewalls require additional steps to authorize trusted applications like GoToMeeting. If you have a firewall and are experiencing connection difficulties, you may have to configure your firewall.

Note: The GoToMeeting components need to be admitted through one of three ports: 80, 443 or 8200. One-way TCP connectivity is needed (TCP outbound). Visit our IP Range Fact Sheet for more information.

Configure your Firewall

Setting up a firewall to enable GoToMeeting to work requires that you take a little extra time to configure your software to allow GoToMeeting to run without interruption.

To set up a firewall to allow GoToMeeting

1. Enable GoToMeeting to access the Internet.

2. The first time you host a GoToMeeting from a firewall protected Windows, you will set off the firewall and be prompted to allow GoToMeeting to access the Internet.

a. Select the "Remember the answer each time I use this program" check box.

b. Click Yes to enable GoToMeeting to access the Internet.

3. Configure your firewall to accept all GoToMeeting files.

a. Open your firewall console.

b. Manually select the option to allow each of the components listed above. After doing this once, you should not need to repeat this process again.

See Locating GoToMeeting Files for additional help.

Using GoToMeeting within a corporate environment

If you do not have a personal firewall but are in a corporate environment, you may have a hardware firewall. Please provide the document found at to your IT department so that they may allow GoToMeeting to connect.

If a connection still cannot be established, please contact Global Customer Support.


If your firewall does not automatically ask to allow GoToMeeting to access the Internet, you may have to enable it manually. See the following for specific help with some popular firewall software.

McAfee firewalls

Norton firewalls

Kaspersky firewalls

Other Vendors

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